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Thailand – “Walking Together to Promote Peace”

December 03, 2020 11:00 PM | Por admin
Thailand – “Walking Together to Promote Peace”

(ANS – Hatyai) – The spirit of brotherhood encouraged by the Holy Father through his Encyclical Letter “Fratelli tutti” is also fulfilled thanks to small gestures or symbolic initiatives. Like the one it brought,  on the morning of 22 November 2020, the Salesian community in Hatyai, Songkhla Province, to welcome the group of ambulant monks for world peace and the representatives of the five religions [Buddhists, Christians, Islam, Brahman-Hindu and Sikh] who will participate in this walk for peace from the south to the north of Thailand.

They arrived to make a friendly visit and to arrange some activities at the Lourdes Parish Church – Hatyai [under the care of the Salesians]. On this occasion, Fr Bancha Kitprasert, the rector of the community, welcomed the group and shared Catholic teaching on love and peace. At the end, Phra Sutham Thitathammo, leader of the walk to promote peace in the world, offered the ‘Peace Flag’ to Fr Bancha Kitprasert, the symbol of unity to create peace according to the teachings of each religion. In the afternoon, Bro. Thanad Anan walked together with the group to the central mosque of Songkhla Province. He was also the representative of the Catholics in the dialogue on peace.

Moreover, the Dharma Force of Peace Activity “Walking Together to Promote Peace” was organized to create synergies among the 5 religions, comprising Buddhists, Christians, Moslems, Brahman-Hindu and Sihk, based on the teachings of each religion – together in cooperating with one another to create understanding, leading to a heart that moves away from materialism, moving to peace, and bringing peace to all in Thailand. This walk started on 13 November 2020 at the border of Amphoe Betong, Yala Province [South], and will end at the border of Amphoe Chiangkhong, Chiangrai Province [the northernmost border of the country].

They will arrive on 10 January 2021 with an accumulated distance of more than 4,000 kilometers. Fr Rangsiphon Plianphan is the representative on the part of the Catholics of Thailand; he coordinates and joins in this walk activity as well.

All along the way, there are dharma dialogues and visits to religious followers. These religious followers are also invited to join the walk in order to create love, compassion, and well-wishing for one another. Many Salesian communities and centres, especially those in Ronphiboon and Chumphorn, will be there to welcome and join the activities to promote peace.

Source: AustraLasia

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