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March 25, 2020 11:00 PM | Por admin

(ANS – Lima) – In many Latin American countries, the crisis generated by COVID-19 is dragging millions of people into a situation of poverty and misery. The President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, has announced the measure that provides an allowance of 380 soles ($ 108) to each vulnerable family for the 15 days of quarantine decreed by the government. The Salesians have spared no time in responding. In Magdalena del Mar, in the Lima district, they continue to take care of over 100 Venezuelan children and the “Fundación Don Bosco” delivers food to poor families.

Quarantine has brought images and situations never imagined before to the world. Those who suffer most are the poor, those who, if they don’t work every day, do not have enough to survive. According to the National Electoral Processes Office, there are about 9 million vulnerable people in Peru who need financial support.

“The first week of quarantine has passed and many needy people have contacted the ‘Fundación Don Bosco’ to ask for help,” explains Fr Raúl Acuña, SDB. The decline in economic activity and the deterioration of small businesses was a real tragedy. “Many families who, before the quarantine, survived with their income and managed to make small savings, now faced with total economic paralysis, were forced to use their few savings and spend them entirely,” reports Marco Calderon, of the “Fundación Don Bosco.”

At this time, the Salesian foundation has organized emergency teams to provide for the food needs of the children in the various reception centers and other needs that have emerged. “In these seven days we have been able to cover food needs and we have been able to share some things with poor families around the Salesian works,” explains Mr. Calderón. “At the beginning of the second week, the requests multiplied, the calls became permanent … How difficult it was to tell the poor that we have nothing to share and that we delivered everything in this first week. It hurts to say that we no longer have anything to give.”

Despite this situation, several private companies are continuing to support the Salesians in helping the poorest. The children who live in the reception house are committed to this laudable effort and are also helping the police to distribute water.

Let us pray today for people who are beginning to experience economic problems because they cannot work due to the pandemic, and all of this falls on the family,” said Pope Francis. 

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