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Italy – Don Bosco Social Works of Sesto San Giovanni and Yamaha: from training to hiring

September 14, 2020 10:00 PM | Por admin
Italy – Don Bosco Social Works of Sesto San Giovanni and Yamaha: from training to hiring

(ANS – Sesto San Giovanni) – The collaboration between the Salesian Vocational Training of Sesto San Giovanni and “Yamaha Motor Italia“, established during the 2019/20 school year, has already given its first fruits. Although both institutions had to face and deal with the lockdown, as did all of Italy, the collaboration generated the hiring of two students at two official Yamaha dealers.

Michele Musolino and Marco Crippa, both students of the “Automotive” training course, have been selected to follow courses and training internships at Yamaha where they have shown great passion and commitment. In June, they then obtained a technical diploma from the Salesian Vocational School and subsequently received a job offer from Yamaha dealers.

“It was a great journey,” reveals Michele. “I started this experience in third grade by taking a course in the Gerno branch, where I was suitable for Yamaha standards, then towards the end of the school year I did an internship at Yamaha Motor to understand the working method and in the fourth, I went to do the internship at ‘Valli Moto’ in Lissone. After the exams, I took my CV to Roberto Valli… who hired me! That’s the top! I have found good and helpful people and I’ll be able to do a job that I like.”

Marco is of the same opinion: “Mine is an apprenticeship contract with a maximum duration of three years, with the aim of training me as a motorcycle repair mechanic. It includes, in addition to full-time work of a maximum of 40 hours per week, some training courses regarding my specialization! This work experience at the ‘Motortimes’ dealership in Saronno has already given me a lot of emotions, despite being there from very recent times. It may seem trivial, but working on Yamaha-branded bikes gives me an extra boost.”

“The partnership with Yamaha is a flagship of our professional training,” comments Francesco Cristinelli, Director of the CNOS-FAP Salesian Vocational Training Center in Sesto. “The kids have the opportunity to have access to a cutting-edge automotive workshop and to work on the latest-generation Yamaha-branded vehicles. Then the best, like Marco and Michele, have the opportunity to build their future inside first-rate workshops. The news is even more important, if we consider the complicated school period we’ve had to face in 2020.”

“This collaboration has the value of giving our contribution to the territory and to society in terms of skills, to create new highly technical professionals who can immediately integrate into the world of work. In every field, skills make and will make more and more a difference… Soon, other students of the fourth class will be selected to undertake the same path, and we are confident that in a year we’ll be able to speak of new and exciting results,” added Andrea Colombi, Yamaha Motor Country Manager.

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