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Colombia - First Congress of Salesian Spirituality of the Salesian Family

August 21, 2019 10:00 PM | Por admin
Colombia - First Congress of Salesian Spirituality of the Salesian Family

(ANS – Bogotà) – From 15 to 18 August 2019, in the Leo XIII Salesian College, the First Congress of Salesian Spirituality was held. The event saw the participation of the Salesian Cooperators, the FMA, the Salesians and the various groups of the Salesian Family present in Colombia, for a total of 260 participants. The Congress was organized by the Inter-Provincial Joint Formation Commission.

The main conferences were: “Biblical Dimension of Holiness” led by Fr Hernán Cardona, Salesian, and “Salesian Dimension of Holiness” led by Fr Rubén Darío Jaramillo, a Salesian.

There was also a panel entitled: “How do I live the Salesian charism in my context?”
On this occasion many experiences were shared and many speakers took the floor: Sandra Bernal and Carlos Lozada, SSCC of the Salesian High School Don Bosco Pitalito-Huila; James Areiza, who presented “Alto al fuego“, a documentary of Ciudad Don Bosco of Medellín; Sister Martha Gutiérrez, HHSSCC, who presented “The Sanctity of the HHSSCC Institute of Water of God”; and  Sebastián Aguirre, Patio 13, Normal of Copacabana. Also speaking: Alicia Sánchez, FMA, Gloria Alcira Rey, Mother of the Secular Movement “Father Luis Variara”; Sebastián Aguirre, a young man from SYM, and Fanny Machado, ADS, Salesian.

At the same time, there were several group work sessions to generate proposals fostering paths of holiness in local communities.

Another significant moment was the dialogue on the sanctity of the founders, the Salesian saints in Colombia. Thus, 12 examples of Salesian sanctity and relics of the founders were discussed.

Throughout the congress the joy of Salesian sharing, acceptance, fraternity was felt, alongside the commitment to be saints … but saints together.