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LA PAZ: San José, Escoma
LA PAZ - Escoma - Bolivia, Plurinational State of

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Founded by St. John Bosco in the nineteenth century, its evangelizing and educational experience today is a way of spirituality and educative and pastoral concrete work.


School and evangelization are intimately bound to be two sides of the same educational reality. Search for new paths to realize the gospel message is our commitment.

Our numbers

The Salesian school/VTC are two related structures of systematic formation with their own characteristics.

There is no true Salesian school that does not aim at preparing the young for work. Nor is there a true Salesian VTC which does not take into account the systematic development of culture.

  • 132 countries all over the world
  • 3643 Schools:
    • 940.000 students
    • 68.000 educators
  • 826 Vocational Training Centre:
    • 200.300 students
    • 15.000 educators
  • 85 University institutes
  • 280 Boarding school
  • 205 Adult Education Centre
  • 163 Hostel

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